The latest ultra modern differential Geo Positioning System ( DGPS) with star fire License and built in UHF radio link ,Ultra RTK(GPS+Glonass & Galileo),GSM 3 G Network RTK support with 5 mm accuracy after post processing of NAVCOM DGPS ,Pentax, Horizon total station with 2” accuracy , Auto level Auto plotter ver 8,Pythogoras, enable to meet all challenge of digital and modern survey. The water supply pipe line/Sewerage network survey, Road survey, Village/Town index plan, DGPS station marking ,Building layout, staking of points, True North determination, land survey, area /Volume determination, layout of building/town ship can be executed with minimum tolerance and time. We also have facilities to conduct GIS survey.

The equipments we have in our laboratory are as under :-
  • NAVCOM DGPS with star fire License
  • Pentax Total Station R-322 NX
  • Horizon Total station HTS-585
  • Auto Level Pentax
  • Auto Level LAL-3
  • Autoplotter 8 (Survey software)
  • Pythogoras (Survey Software)