We have complete equipped material testing laboratory with modern equipments capable to test almost all civil engineering material testing at site as well at Laboratory.The cement,sand,chemical analysis of water,aggregate,stones,bricks,pipes,Reinforment steel,Tiles,Bitumen,Concrete mix design,Bitumen Job mix,Cube testing,mortar testing,wood testing,paver blocks etc. In summary all building,Road,Highway,Aerodram construction material testing can be executed with ultra modern and calibrated equipments with skill engineers.

The equipments we have in our laboratory are as under :-
  • Universal Testing Machine 100 Ton
  • Compression Testing Machine 100 Ton
  • Marshall stability Test Apparatus
  • Cement mortar mixing & cube machine
  • Vibrating Table
  • Laboratory concrete Mixer
  • Bitumen extractor
  • Brinzel Hardness tester
  • Dead weight pressure gauge
  • Proving Ring 100 ton,50 Ton,10 Ton
  • Vacates test apparatus
  • Bitumen penetration equipments
  • Flash point apparatus
  • Bitumen Ductility test apparatus
  • Oven
  • Digital weighing machine 10 Kg,2 Kg,10 Gms
  • Impact test apparatus
  • Slump Test apparatus
  • Flakiness index/Elongation index apparatus
  • Turbidity/Ph test apparatus
  • Concrete workability test apparatus