The post construction testing or residual age determination of any structure can be evaluated by Non destructive testing or core testing results.The pulse velocity in concrete structures, Concrete rebound hammer result, Cover meter, Half cell potential test and core test of RCC structures enables to evaluate the present strength of structures as well as residual strength of structures. These results can conclude the rehabilitation or strengthening of structures. The core sample test evaluates the strength of concrete after construction. It is most desirable field in present era and very helpful to rehabilitate the building and save money to dismantle building on account of uncertain strength of buildings.

The equipments we have in our laboratory are as under :-
  • Pulse velocity meter (Canopus)
  • Concrete Rebound Hammer (Schmidt-Hammer -PROCEQ)
  • Half cell potential meter(Elcometer)
  • Profometer (PROCEQ)
  • Thickness Guager (Megasonic)
  • Core extracting machine
  • Grouting/Guinitting pumps