The detail project report of any project prepared with expert team in field of Water supply, Sewerage network,water and sewerage treatment plant, town planning, Central Govt JNNURM schemes, IHSDP,UIDSSMT schemes prepared including Topographical survey, alignments, index mapping, Social and biometric survey etc complete. We had prepared number of detail project report under Integrated Housing and slums development programme (IHSDP),Urban infrastructure development Schemes for small and medium town (UIDSSMT) for Jalore,Sanchor, Bhinmal,Bilara and Pipar costing more than 100 Crores and approved by ministry of HUPA, New Delhi.

Further more we also prepared DPR and supervised the army central sewerage schemes at MES (Army)Shikargarh,Joshpur(Raj) and MES (AF),Chiloda (Gujarat)