Any engineering project from conception to commission can be executed by us as a turn key project.

A turn key project include reconnaissance survey, detail alignment, contour survey or total station survey ,soil testing, design-planning of project, Detail project report, Estimation, structural design, Electrical and mechanical drawing-design, Process design,. hydraulic design, Lay out plan, Architectural drawing and construction of buildings,structures,plant ,head works etc in schedule time by our skill Engineers, technicians and construction team .

The satisfactory results from plant would be given prior to handing over the plant or structures to the agency. The mechanical and Electrical equipments or Instrument in Project, if any would be tested up to duty point or optimum efficiency in trial run period.

The area of interest for turn key projects are:-

1) Determine Existing sewerage or effluents characteristics and suggesting methodology to treat effluent as per WHO or IS/BIS and sewerage CPHEEO manual and construction of the same .

2) Determination of water supply demand for design period as per water supply CPHEEO manual and prevailing norms of state and centers.

Designing water supply projects as per site of projects. The series of treatment provided as per source of water i.e. ground water or surface water and their chemical and physical composition. Water containing fluorides, excessive total dissolved solids, chlorides needed treatment as per their strength. Intake wells, raw water rising mains, filter plants, clear water reservoirs, pumping station, filter water lines, collecting reservoir or over head tanks, distribution lines etc can be designed and constructed accordingly.

3) Rehabilitation of RCC buildings or water retaining structures with guniting and grouting.

4) Civil.electrical and mechanical works of pumping station.

5) Consultancy and set up testing laboratory for treatment plant, Industry or specific work

6) Surveying,land scaping,palning,modeling of projects etc.